NSY047 - RQ - Bunker / Migration / Rainforest Utopia

by RQ

Bunker 05:23
Migration 09:18


The multi-talented RQ arrives on none60!

After delivering stunning albums and EPs on BMTM and Modern Conveniences RQ comes with an incredible 3 track single for none60 - feel free to call it an EP if you wish!, it clocks in at around the 25-minute mark in total!

The single opens with "Bunker", the drums and the bass greatly influenced by Modus Operandi era Photek, this is no 2-step roller.... whatever that is? I've heard they're popular.

I've been guilty of using the term journey way too much in these write ups for previous releases but I feel it was justified before and it's without doubt justified for the next two RQ tracks - "Migration" & "Rainforest Utopia". Both tracks are just over 9 minutes long and in the age of instant gratification and Tik-Tok it's refreshing to hear an artist follow their vision and not be forced into compromise - there was never going to be a radio edit of either of these!

RQ also provided the amazing artwork that perfectly matches the release!

Take 25 minutes out of your day and enjoy this incredible music!


released October 1, 2021

Mastered by Bob Macciochi @ SC Mastering www.scmastering.com

Artwork by RQ


all rights reserved


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